Thankful for Christmas

Thankful for ChristmasWould it be wrong to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas in one post? Would it be like orange juice and toothpaste? Or like Taylor Swift and boys? Or like crocs with…anything?

Perhaps it’s the sudden cold weather we’ve had in my part of Ontario, or the dusting of snow, but I’m in the mood for Christmas. So here’s my list for this week’s theme…

Five Things About Christmas That I’m Thankful For:

  1. Christmas Carols. Every year there is an ongoing debate and griping about Christmas music starting too early, blah, blah, blah. Aren’t there more serious things to complain about? Come on. Christmas music is generally cheerful, pretty and nostalgic. It has its season and then is gone for another year. Relax. Enjoy it.
  2. Outdoor Lights. I used to prefer only white lights, but over the years I’ve come to appreciate the twinkle of red, green, blue and purple at night. Every town has a section that’s known for elaborate decorating. Where we live, the houses along Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River put on quite a show. It’s a tradition to take a late night drive to enjoy the view.
  3. Church Christmas Pageants. What could be more adorable than toddlers in angel wings and halos? For years, we had a creative woman at our church who would write her own Christmas plays with specific members in mind. It was always interesting to see what roles she dreamed up for whom. I also cherish that it is a time to come together as a church community and to also welcome visitors to join in worship.
  4. Dinners. It’s such a cozy feeling to dash from your car in the winter to a warm house with the inviting smell of turkey, potatoes and cider to greet you. It’s also the one time of year, when we put our busyness aside and make an effort to sit with people we may not have seen all year.
  5. The Greatest Gift of All. When the trees are taken down, decorations are put away, carols have stopped playing—I’m still in amazement of that silent night, holy night.
Nativity Scene

Photo Credit: The Nativity Story (2006)

What are you thankful for with the Christmas season approaching?

Cherie Gagnon- Cherie

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6 responses to “Thankful for Christmas”

  1. Susan Mires says :

    I especially agree with No. 1! I’ve been listening to Christmas music this week and it makes me happy. I’m tired of those scrooges who have all these rules about when it is acceptable to turn on the lights, etc. Let it roll!

  2. Jeanie Berg says :

    I’m with you both! I love Christmas! Our living room is already cleaned and decorated for Christmas….except for the tree. It goes up after Thanksgiving. I love the traditional bright colors of red and green with lots of candles around. We usually leave our tree up until New Years and by then we’re ready for another good cleaning and toning down of the living room. I could play the wonderful music all year round (and sometimes I do). I like to have a good mix, where some radio stations seem to think it can only be one or the other.

    • Cherie Gagnon says :

      We leave our tree up until New Year’s, too. I love the decorations, but by then, I’m also ready to get the living room back in to normal. I agree, the radio stations can be a bit a repetative. I have a stack of CDs that I pull out of the closet each year and start rotating them :)

  3. Sara Meisinger says :

    I love the ‘feel’ of Christmas. The excitement that seems to be all around. Even the bells being rung in front of the stores make me smile because it means Christmas is near and people are doing good things for others. Thanks for sharing your list and making me think!!


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