Small Things

Due to various work schedules, our family celebrated Thanksgiving on November 24 this year. It was a full day…starting with breakfast and ending after we made another stab at the leftovers. Wonderful, wonderful, time…gone too quickly.

Sometime during the afternoon our conversation turned to Christmas. On my “bucket list’ I stated that before I died I wanted to, just once, have Christmas lights on our house!! We always have candles in the windows, and lots of lights inside, but I’ve yearned for lights on the house!!

Yesterday, the day before Thanksgiving (and my regular day to blog, by the way), granddaughters #2 and #4 came to spend the day and asked if we could put up the Christmas decorations. Now, why would a grandma ever say not to that? So began the ‘hauling out’ process.

Then…..then!!!! To my complete surprise, youngest son, Rob, and his family came walking in (they live 1.5 hours away) and announced they came to put Christmas lights on the house…they even bought the lights and a timer!!

My heart is so full. Silly? I don’t think so. We ordered in pizza, oldest son, wife and granddaughter #1 joined us, for another Thanksgiving gathering.

Of course, I told wife of #2 son that they were now my favorite, and she quickly whispered to wife of #1 “yeah, but they live closest to you”!!

I love our family. There are not a lot of us….12 to be exact (until they start adding soulmates) But it warms my heart to pieces when it takes fifteen minutes to say goodbye because everyone gets hugs….everyone!!

As they drove away, I stood and admired the way the lights around the house made rainbows on the soffit below them.

The only thing that worries me, just a tad–I DID say I hoped to have lights BEFORE I die. And I’m wondering if they know something I don’t?

How very blessed we are.


road 2 we like!

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3 responses to “Small Things”

  1. Jeanie Berg says :

    Oh, I’ll bet your place is beautiful! I LOVE Christmas lights too. For some years after we moved to town we always did a roof outline and deck and porch lights. But as we’ve gotten older we don’t do ladders and step ladders anymore. So now it’s just around the garage doors and across the brick leading to the front door–whatever we can reach while our feet are still on the ground! We turn them on early and leave them up late. Only thing we don’t like is the electricity bill whirring up and up! Our grandkids have decorated our tree for us the last several years and, I agree, Ain’t it grand!

  2. Sara Meisinger says :

    LOVE THIS, Julane!! Have loved your family for decades and can honestly say, I’m not one bit surprised! How wonderful to wake up today and have all the decorating done. Maybe there will be a warm evening before Christmas so you can sit on the swing and look at the lights. I’ll be over to join you! BTW, we’d be willing to let son #2 and family come put our lights up–I’d even provide them!

  3. Susan Mires says :

    I just now got to read this. Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful and your lights delightful. Show us a picture!


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