The Ugly Tree

No amount of red ribbons can disguise the awful truth.

ugly tree fix

It’s hideous.

We’re talking about Christmas decorations this week – hits and misses. It’s obvious what category this “tree” falls into.

The Charlie Brown appeal of it clouded my judgment when I found it free on the sidewalk this summer, piled with a bunch of other items left over from a garage sale. The $15 tag suggested at one time someone thought it had value. I lugged it home two blocks on a July evening, stored it in the garage all fall and pulled it out this weekend.

In the cold light of day, a crooked piece of birch limb with artificial branches screwed on, a string of pine cone lights and an odd gap in the center lacked true Christmas spirit.

Since I’ve harbored it this long, I decided to dress it up as best I could. Once Christmas is over, I guess I’ll drag it to the curb and see if someone else will fall for it like I did.

Do you have any decorations that you can’t part with – even though you should?

Susie Pink~ Susan

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Susan Mires is a writer in St. Joseph, MO.

9 responses to “The Ugly Tree”

  1. Deborah S Vogts says :

    Ha! How funny. Good for you, for loving this little decoration. :)

  2. Julane Hiebert says :

    OH, don’t discard it. I’l take it. It goes with my decor, and I would treasure it because it was from you!! d:)

    • Susan Mires says :

      I can strap it on top the color and tootle off to see you and your pretty lights! It does have… character.

  3. Lora Young says :

    One year, when I was a burned-out wife, mother, and home school teacher, I put off putting up a Christmas tree until a few days before Christmas. My children badgered me relentlessly. I’d stopped in at the mall to do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping and found *it*. A three-foot helium balloon Christmas tree–$8. I bought it, took it home and said, “There. There’s your stupid Christmas tree.” (Did I mention I was feeling pretty “Bah. Humbug,” at the time?) My kids hated it…until all their friends decided I was the coolest mom ever. :)

  4. Cherie Gagnon says :

    Oh, Susie…this gave me my Monday laugh! How cute :D

  5. Donna Geesey says :

    I like your tree, Susie! I still need to get my tree up. We are making process however. The box is sitting in my family room instead of in the basement!

    Merry Christmas everyone!


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