What if….


Remember the song….If Everyone Lit Just One Little Candle?   Well…what if…

What if…in these days when the world seems so dark…we do it?  What if every believer reading this would put one little candle in a window that could be seen by anyone passing?  And…

What if…behind that candle one could find a smiling neighbor, new friend, shelter, solace, welcome?  And…

What if…We–who call ourselves Christians–stop lamenting the condition of the world around us, and let a candle in the window show we have A Hope above all others?…And…

What if…we kept a candle burning in at least one window all year long?  Why not?  

Remember how the song goes?  ….What a Bright World This Would Be!!






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8 responses to “What if….”

  1. Susan Mires says :

    What a beautiful idea. I haven’t heard that song – but your candle in the window is lovely.

  2. Kathy Gronau says :

    Wow, I am going to put a candle in my window and leave it there. I will let it remind me to be a light in my corner. Thanks Julane for the challenge.

  3. Sara Meisinger says :

    Bryce told me yesterday that the human eye can see the light from a candle flame 10 miles away ( I can believe that if you were in western Kansas). So even with our long driveway, a candle would be seen in our window! Thanks for sharing this idea.

    • pagesfromstages says :

      I wanted to blog about the Christmas lights in the country, Sara! We have noticed them coming and going to Hesston, etc., and there is just something special about seeing a home decorated even though a lot of people might not be passing by. Do put that candle in the window!!

  4. Jeanie Berg says :

    Didn’t you have candles in your windows here in town? I always wanted some. Maybe I’ll have to get some this year and leave them up!

    • pagesfromstages says :

      I did have candles in the windows when we lived in Newton, Jeanie. We always put them up first thing, and when the girls went off to college we put them up so they would see them the first thing when they came home. I recently purchased candles that need batteries, however…but they come on at dusk and shut off at dawn. However, the light they give is not nearly as bright as the plug-in kind. But it saves a multitude of extension cords. :) Do get at least one–and leave it up all year!!


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