Plasticine Christmas Pictures

plasticine Christmas pictureHere is fun craft that my youngest son made at school 3 years ago – plasticine pictures in a shadow box frame. It turned out beautifully and we keep it with our Christmas decorations and put it on display each year.

- Colored cardboard or card stock
- Plasticine
- Shadow box frame
- Optional: glitter, glue, buttons, mini pom-poms – anything for added embellishment

To make this craft, you create objects with plasticine and pressed them onto a piece of cardboard, pinching down the sides. In this case, Nathan made a pretty wreath. The greenery has nice texture and he used toothpicks to make lines to show the folds of the ribbon. He signed and dated the corner using a silver pen to stand out against the black. Then the picture was mounted in a shadow box frame, something that could be found at your local dollar store.
The picture ideas are endless—Christmas trees, nativity scenes, snowmen, candles… This craft would be easy to do at home and would make a lovely gift!

Cherie Gagnon- Cherie

Are there any handmade decorations you’ve kept each year?

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2 responses to “Plasticine Christmas Pictures”

  1. Susan Mires says :

    Cherie, your son’s artwork is lovely. I am also very impressed how you captured the tree in the mirror in the photo. It makes for a beautiful frame to display your treasure.


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