Making Us Proud

We are very proud here at Pages From Stages of two of our own winning awards in the contest at the recent Called To Write conference.
Sara Meisinger won first place in the adult fiction category with “Autumn’s Grace.”

Sara with her award.

Kathy Gronau placed second in children’s fiction with her story “Little Star Goes to Bethlehem” and third in poetry with “His Ties.”

Sending your work out for others to read – and judge! – is a big step for a writer. Here are the other winners from the Called To Write Conference:

Devotional: 1st Joyce Love; 2nd Merrie Hansen; 3rd Carol Round.

Adult Fiction: 1st Sara Meisinger; 2nd Donna Choate; 3rd Sandy Jordan.

Children’s Non-Fiction: 1st Carol Russell; 2nd LeAnn Campbell; 3rd Neoma Foreman.

Adult Non-Fiction: 1st LeAnn Campbell; 2nd Neoma Foreman; 3rd Sally Jadlow.

Children’s Fiction: 1st Karen Cover; 2nd Kathy Gronau; 3rd Wanda Huggins.

Poetry: 1st Heather Smith; 2nd Elece Hollis; 3rd Kathy Gronau.


~ Susan Mires


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7 responses to “Making Us Proud”

  1. Deborah Vogts says :

    Awesome news! Thanks for sharing and big congrats to Sara & Kathy! Good job, girls!

  2. Cherie says :


  3. julane hiebert says :


  4. debraney says :

    Yay! is right! And Sara, you are too modest! But I’m snoopy dancing for you today! That’s awesome! Congrats to you and Kathy and all the winners.

  5. carriellewis says :

    Congratulations to everyone!

  6. Susan Hollaway says :

    Congrats, everyone! Awesome job!

  7. briffel says :

    Yippeee!! I know famous people!!! Congrats!

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