This is the small corner in an office I share with my Bob. And no, I don’t REALLY use the typewriter–but isn’t it just too cute? It was a gift from a very precious young mom whom I had the privilege of having as a student in a Sunday School class a looonnggg time ago!! And I do have it normally sitting on a shelf.
Bob and I have matching chairs–doesn’t every old couple? When I choose to sit in mine to write, I swing my feet and legs around to prop them on the cedar chest you see and can look out our windows onto the timber. This is probably my favorite place–but I don’t get as much work done here. It’s a great ‘thinking’ atmosphere. And, you CAN at least see my computer waiting for me there.

I’ve tried writing on our deck and also out by the lake. But I’m too easily distracted. The water is mesmerizing, and when I am by the lake I am also in a swing–and alas, I too often doze off!! Not a safe place for a laptop.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing were we each ‘work’ this week. I find it very interesting to know the diverse places we each claim as our ‘creative’ stations. The unique thing–not only about us, but also about you as readers–is that within each of our hearts there is a story ready to be written. Write it!! Tell it!! Then–let us know FROM WHENCE COMETH YOUR WORDS!!



  1. Susan Mires (@susanmires) says :

    I know your words come from your heart – and that’s why they speak to me so! I enjoyed seeing your office, too.

  2. Susan Hollaway says :

    Love your adorable writing space! You’re so creative….guess that’s why you’re such a good writer.

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