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This week we’re writing about our favorite author. I’ve had many over the years, from Dr. Seuss to Beverly Cleary to Jane Austin. I considered taking a walk through my favorites over the years, but I think that would be a cop out to picking just one, so I did.

My favorite author for the past five years has been Lynn Austin. Her stories are so rich. It’s like walking into a 200 year old home full of character with well-crafted details and hidden passages. And each time you pass through, you discover a subtle feature you hadn’t noticed before.

Lynn has written about 18 novels, and while I haven’t read her entire collection, so far not a single one has disappointed. Many of her stories are historicals which range from Bible times to World War I. She carefully works in true facts without it drawing attention to the research she has done. Her sense of time and place is wonderful. In addition, her writing is clean and tight. Aspiring authors, like me, sometimes become frustrated when we read published novels which contravene the rules of writing that we’ve been told to keep. This is not the case with Lynn’s books.

But I think what really makes her novels resonate with me is her characters. I’ve become friends with all of them and I’ve walked through their journeys and personal struggles alongside them. When I close a book and keep thinking about the characters for a few days, I know the author has done a tremendous job in making me care. That, to me, is a sign of excellent writing.
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Cherie Gagnon– Cherie

Who’s your favorite? Have you read anything from Lynn Austin?


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18 responses to “My Favorite Author”

  1. Holly Michael says :

    no, but I will now

  2. pagesfromstages says :

    Holly, I’m so glad you’ll give her books a try. A friend went to our local bookstore and randomly choose a few novels for summer reading for us to share. One of the books happened be “Candle In the Darkness.” So I read it and I’ve been hooked ever since!

    • julane hiebert says :

      Ooh! “Candle in the Darkness, Fire by Night, A Light to my Path” If you read that series, Holly, you will be forever hooked. Though the stories visit the same families, you never feel as though they’ve stayed too long!!

      Wonderful choice, Cherie.

  3. Sara Meisinger says :

    I just finished “Hidden Places” last week and absolutely loved it! What a gift for weaving a story together. “While We’re Far Apart” is also good. Thanks for sharing, Cherie. I think I’ll download another one by her!

  4. Debra Butterfield (@debbutterfield) says :

    I haven’t read Lynn Austin, but I’ll check out her books on my next trip to the library.

  5. Grant Gagnon says :

    My favourite author is Cherie Gagnon. Her writing is beautiful, elegant, wonderful and full of love. Oh wait, I just described her. To my wife, I always enjoy reading your blog.
    Cherie’s husband Grant

  6. Susan Hollaway says :

    First of all, my heart be still. What a wonderfully, romantic comment by your hubby, Cherie! Sigh. Oh yes, we were talking about your favorite author. Well, I’ve not read Lynn Austin, but I’ll be checking her out now. Nice blog post!

  7. Jeanie Berg says :

    I LOVE Lynn Austin….I have not read any Cheri Gagnon, but that is on my list of things to do!!

    • Cherie Gagnon says :

      Thanks Jeanie, no novels published yet. But when they are, you’ll be sure to hear about it on this blog! Thanks for taking time to read our Pages From Stages posts and your encouragement 🙂

  8. Ingrid says :

    Lynn Austin is one of my favorite Authors, I have a lot of her older books, never get tired of reading them.

  9. Amanda Murphy says :

    Love reading Lynn’s books! I’ve read all but one or two of them.
    Your husband is funny, Cherie! 🙂

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