Book, Nook, Kindle, E-Reader?

I love the feel of a book in my hands.  I love the smell of the pages.  But I also love my Kindle and the convenience of tucking this marvelous little contraption  into my purse to take  with me almost anywhere I go.   I also love organizational and office supplies.  But that’s another post for another day.

No matter how you read it, store it,  carry it, or what you call it ….. it’s the stories we love.  And we die hard readers will take it in either hard copy or electronic.   It’s true, there’s just something wonderful about holding a book in your hands and actually turning the pages.  But when you find yourself having to wait on someone or something….an appointment, a delay, or whatever…and you’re able to whip your trusty e-reader out and catch even a chapter or two….well, it’s downright bliss.  I’m no longer in a doctor’s office waiting an unreasonably long time to be seen.  I’m somewhere else entirely, and it doesn’t matter that I’ve already waited 30 minutes for my appointment. When they do call my name, I’m thinking, “Why’d they have to call me when I’m at this really good part in my story?” LOL

Books have always been a joy to me.  And honestly, I can’t understand it when someone says they don’t enjoy reading.  That just baffles me.  I guess I’m just not wired that way. I love historical fiction, contemporary romance, and historical romance.  Those are the ones I favor the most.

If you’re a die hard reader, what’s your favorite genre to read in?  And do you prefer a book or an e-reader?   Or do you — like me — like both?

Happy Reading!



7 responses to “Book, Nook, Kindle, E-Reader?”

  1. crimethrillergirl says :

    Hi Susan. My favorite genre is crime thriller, but I’ll read romance and romantic suspense as well. As for e-book or paper book, well, I love a paper book, but an e-reader is lighter for traveling with.

    • Susan Hollaway says :

      Hi Crimethrillergirl … I agree that paper books are awesome, but I really love the convenience of a e-reader. Amen on the lighter traveling. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. caitlinstern says :

    E-readers are practical, useful space-savers (I have a Kindle Touch), but I love books better. I agree that if you love words enough, you’ll read them however you can get them! I can’t decide on a genre: light sci fi, urban fantasy, historical romance, or memoir, probably.

    • Susan Hollaway says :

      Hi, Caitlin! So glad to have you stop by our blog. I’m a big-purse girl and so tucking my Kindle into my purse is perfect. So handy! It’s so interesting to learn all the different genres that different people like. I’m so glad there’s such variety for everyone. Sometimes, it totally depends on what kind of mood I’m in as to what’s my fave for the day. LOL

      Please come back and visit us. We love company!

  3. Ingrid says :

    Hi Susan, I do like reading on my Kindle or reading a Book, sometimes the Kindle works better when I have to go some place but at home it doesn’t matter much as long as I can read, i never understand people that don’t read and I try too tell them what they are missing. I love reading Hist.Fiction especially Civil War, Amish Fiction, I also like Books about WW 2.
    You have a great week.

    • Susan Hollaway says :

      Hi, Ingrid!
      I hear ya’ and agree wholeheartedly with what you said, “… doesn’t matter much as long as I can read.” I know I’ve said this before, but if I had to pick between the TV and a book. The book would be the winner!

      We love having you stop by our blog, Ingrid. Thanks so much!
      Enjoy your weekend! I hope you have time to get some reading in. =)

  4. Susan Mires (@susanmires) says :

    I find myself reading on the ereader most of the time, especially the Kindle Fire. I LOVE all the free books I can get.

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