Conference Memories–in No Particular Order

1. I forgot to pack the beautiful banquet dress I had so carefully ordered so it would arrive in plenty of time. Ended up wearing something I had actually packed for a ‘just in case’ scenario. and I was the only one of 700+ attendees who knew or cared. 🙂 And I cared way too much!

2. Found out just how tech challenged I am–and thankfully was not charged for it. 🙂

3. Got patted down in the airport at KC because my artificial knee set off the metal detector and they wouldn’t accept the verification card I carry from the surgeon.

4. Got through the airports, onto the planes and off again without mishap because my traveling companions took very good care of me.

5. Another editor asked for my full manuscript–which means I will now have two editors from two different publishing houses looking at it. Yay!!

6. Loved being with my Pages in Stages sisters

7. Ate too much!!

8. Was blessed by the devotional/worship times

9. Laughed a lot/ cried a lot.

10. Renewed commitment to seek His face alone.

And I’m still processing it all!!



8 responses to “Conference Memories–in No Particular Order”

  1. Sara Meisinger says :

    Great list of conference memories! You only forgot to mention the corner/chair with your name on it. I think you could have charged counseling fees! Or at least had a little fee box for all your prayers!!

    • pagesfromstages says :

      Sara–that little corner was a very special place for me this conference. Lots of praying, reflecting, thanksgiving done there. And you know, not one time was that little chair ever occupied by anyone else when I went down there. I think God wanted me to ‘be still’.

  2. Susan Mires (@susanmires) says :

    You made me laugh again. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your memories. I’m so glad I got to share them with you. I’m so excited for the doors opening for your books.

  3. Jeanie Berg says :

    Love to hear all about your memories from conference. I can only imagine what it’s like and it makes me a tad bit envious!!!

    • pagesfromstages says :

      Jeanie–this is actually Julane. But imagine 700 different writers–all with a story to tell. It’s the one place we can go and talk about our characters–how they dictate what we say about them, how they control our thoughts, etc.–without others thinking that perhaps we have ‘lost it’. Wonderful time.

  4. Cherie Gagnon says :

    It’s been a week since we returned to home to our respective corners of the world. I’m still processing – but the fog is lifting!

    What a wonderful time we all had 🙂

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