…doth safely trust in her…

The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her. Proverbs 31:11

I could go into a long explanation of how and why this verse is my go-to piece of advice, whether it’s asked for or not.

And if you think that because you don’t have a husband, it doesn’t apply to you–let me just say this: Whether it’s an employer, a parent, teacher, child, neighbor…the possibilities are endless…as Christians it behooves us to live in a such a way that it can be said–

the heart of her (you fill in the blank), doth safely trust in her.


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11 responses to “…doth safely trust in her…”

  1. Susan Mires (@susanmires) says :

    A fresh take on a familiar passage – thanks Julane!

  2. angchronicles says :

    How true that those we live, work and play with trust us. That’s why authentic relationships are so important not simply smiling and nodding.

    • pagesfromstages says :

      Ahhh–that’s the key, isn’t it? AUTHENTIC relationships that go way down deep…the kind that rejoices with those that rejoice, and weep with those that weep, even though it hurts!!!!

  3. Jeanie Berg says :

    How true, how true……

  4. Cherie Gagnon says :

    You’re right, if we can’t be trusted it makes all relationships stand on shaky ground!

  5. Susan Hollaway says :

    As always, wise words, dear Julane.

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