How do you trim your tree?

Blue Ornament

I thought it might be fun to learn how different people decorate or trim their trees.

Do you create a theme-oriented tree or do you use all different kinds of ornaments, keepsakes, etc.?

We trim an eclectic tree at our house.  We have ornaments from different sources: ceramic ones my mom has made, ornaments that my daughter has made, and a few hand-me-downs from my growing up years.   But there’s one new and very special ornament that I put on the tree every year.

My husband started a tradition with my daughter when she was very young that has remained a special time for them both.  The two of them go Christmas shopping, and on that excursion, they buy a new Hallmark ornament each year especially for me to put on our family Christmas tree. This collection of ornaments are special to me.  It’s not that this store-bought ornament has more meaning in itself than the hand-made ones or that it’s even more beautiful.  The part about his new ornament each year that means so much to me is the fact that my husband started this special tradition with my daughter. It’s something they both look forward to every year.

They put their heads together and choose the ornament they like the best and want me to have.  The time, effort, and love they put into this activity warms my heart.  They even wrap it that very evening and give it to me to open and ceremoniously hang on the tree. More than the ornament itself, it’s the memory that means the most.

No matter how big or small your tree is, or how you trim it, may you cherish the memories behind each and every ornament you place on it.


Susan Hollaway


How do you trim your tree? I’d love to hear about your traditions.


9 responses to “How do you trim your tree?”

  1. Sara Meisinger says :

    I love white lights. They are simple and clean. Every year I put them on our tree. Last year the two younger boys begged for colored lights. Well, every year they begged for colored but last year I gave in. I realized I’ll have so many years for boring white lights…but too few with colored. Yesterday, I was the only one at home and wanted to put the lights on so the tree would be ready to decorate. Colored lights again this year!

    • Susan Hollaway says :

      I love white lights too. But a few years we put colored on. We were going to put colored on this year, but they weren’t in the Christmas boxes. Maybe I should ask Susie Mires. Perhaps she can help me with the mystery. LOL

  2. Susan Mires (@susanmires) says :

    I got my tree decorated Tuesday night. I’ve been plugging it in before work when it’s dark in the mornings. But then I want to curl up on the couch, drink a coffee and watch the tree instead of going to work!

  3. Alan says :

    To be honest, begrudgingly. BUT, once it’s done and every gap between limbs is filled-in, I love it. Go figure.

    • Susan Hollaway says :

      Alan, I love the tree, but I know exactly how you feel. I want to put it up, but I honestly enjoy watching my daughter put the ornaments on the tree more than doing it myself these days. But it’s a great sight when it’s all done.

  4. Jeanie Berg says :

    My oldest grandchildren come and trim our tree for us. They’ve done this for quite a number of years and I’ve become quite spoiled! Colored lights for us! But I do have white lights up year round in some greenery on the top of the wall between the living room and kitchen. Both rooms benefit from the soft glow. It’s wondeful to wake up to those lights already on when we go to the kitchen to make coffee!

  5. Susan Hollaway says :

    Oh, Susie M, I forgot to mention…..I have a friend who loves the lights in the dark so much….she often sleeps on the couch in their living room just so she can enjoy it more. She also names her Christmas tree. LOL But you’d have to know her to really appreciate that.

    She’s a HOOT…and one of the most devoted servants to Christ that I’ve ever met. I am honored to have her as my friend and sister in Christ. I’m going to have to call her and see how Charlie (?) is doing. ROFLOL

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