Christmas is Whenever!

When our girls were 5 and 3, hubby became a firefighter. His shift at that time was 24 hours on duty, 24 hours off duty. Period. Schedules now changed very quickly, and we couldn’t always celebrate those special times, i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, on the day it actually fell on the calendar. But we adjusted, and the our two sons never have known anything different. We celebrated–whenever!!

Then, for many years, we had not one, but three firefighter schedules to work around, when both our boys followed in their daddy’s footsteps. Now shifts have changed to 24 hours on duty, 48 hours off duty. But there are traditionally three shifts to a department, A, B, C. Put the math to that!! For most of the time, at least two were on the same rotation so that helped.

Now hubby is retired, the two boys are still firefighters, at different stations, in different towns, on different shift rotations. But–we have learned, for the most part, that what makes the ‘special’ days special, is when we do finally manage to find a time that works. And we try very hard.

Late this afternoon we will gather at our youngest son’s big old farm house–all of us–have soup (oldest son always makes chili, DIL will make another kind) homemade rolls, a salad,(I bake the bread and this year made the salad) and whatever goodies we all bring (Granddaughter #1 is bringing pumpkin rolls, and her mom, the other DIL, is bringing at least three different kinds of goodies)—lots of laughs and squeals from the cousins, and long into-the-night conversations with us ‘big people’. In the morning we will have what is probably our most constant tradition–our “Christmas” breakfast (no matter that it falls on December 30 this year). Breakfast is ALWAYS–fruit slush, waffles, scrambled eggs and a special sausage . I attempted to change this menu once, several years ago, seeing all the cute ‘breakfast casserole’ menus in the magazines–and was informed by our grown sons that ‘mom it wasn’t broke…you didn’t need to fix it’. Hmm!! I guess that what makes a tradition, the sameness no matter what anyone else is doing, or when they are doing it.

After breakfast we will open gifts (unless the kids beg hard enough for us to give in and let them do it tonight) Then the rest of the day we eat on the leftovers (we always bring enough to insure we will have plenty). And no one is every ready for the day to end.

Susie was right when she stated in her post that traditions change. It does sound like an oxymoron–but I think it is more a declaration of reality. But the constant? The REASON!!
The WHO! The WHY!

Keep that constant…and Christmas can be—whenever!!
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9 responses to “Christmas is Whenever!”

  1. Sara Meisinger says :

    Enjoy the day, Julane! I know there will be lots of laughs and wonderful good times! Merry Christmas to all the Hieberts!

  2. Susan Mires (@susanmires) says :

    We’re having our family Christmas today, too. I’m still listening to Christmas music (I can’t quit cold turkey!) and have the tree lit up. May you and your family have a wonderful time together.

  3. Jeanie Berg says :

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Julane…..You and all your precious ones. We don’t quit cold turkey either……our tree is still up until next week one day, the Christmas CD’s are still out and playing, we’re still watching Christmas movies on TV, and we’re still eating Christmas leftovers!

    • pagesfromstages says :

      We are having a beautiful snow as I write this, Jeanie. And got a new Christmas movie for Christmas that we will watch tonight!! Have taken the decorations down, but the Reason is still in our hearts!! Happy New Year to you and yours. If we gave prizes for the ‘most faithful’ follower of this blog–it would certainly go to you. And you’ll never know how much your comments mean to each of us!! Thank you.

  4. Susan Hollaway says :

    Julane, Have a great Christmas celebration! Christmas with my side of the family will be tomorrow night, on New Year’s Eve. I whole-heartedly agree…it doesn’t matter the when, but the who and why!

    Merry Christmas, my sweet and precious friend. May it be merry and bright!

    • pagesfromstages says :

      Hey Susiei Q!! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family tonight. I know it’s been a rough year, but so thankful you have at least this one more Christmas together. Treasure the moments and tuck them away!!
      Happy New Year!! Can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring!!

  5. Cherie Gagnon says :

    I agree Julane, that we can celebrate any day as long as we have our loved ones near! We had to cancel a Christmas day with hubby’s side of the family due to illness. It may be sometime in January before we can get to it, but it doesn’t really matter – it will still be a special time 🙂

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