Is it okay to ramble for today? There are two things I’ve wanted to share all week and it has taken me half the day to decide to share them both. They are completely unrelated but this week we can share anything on the blog so here it goes:

1. BEST TIP EVERY! We had guests over for supper last Saturday. The parents of one of our son’s friends who we wanted to meet. I’d only talked to the mom on the phone so I was nervous and wanted everything to be just right. We were having Mexican and I had two recipes that the chicken needed to be shredded and they were going to arrive any minute. I remembered an idea from Pinterest. With great trepidation I tossed the boneless, skinless chicken breasts that had been cooking in the crock pot all day into my stand-up Kitchen Aid mixer and put the paddle attachment on. I closed my eyes and turned it on and waited for the chicken to fly out of the bowl. Nothing hit me in the face! I opened one eye and saw the most perfectly shredded chicken EVER. Two seconds and no mess. Amazing! I’ve been excited about it all week!

2. Last fall I volunteered to spend one day a week at the school my boys attend. A week before school started they asked if I’d be interested in teaching four elementary art classes. Another mom had agreed to teach the other three grades. This was unexpected and hadn’t been budgeted but they gave us some money to get started with and we’ve done some amazing projects on a very small budget. The kids have loved it and I’ve been completely blessed by being a part of it.

This week, I found out that someone cares enough about what we are doing and the joy the kids are having that they made a very generous donation to fund the elementary art program. I was stunned and overwhelmed by this gift. It was unexpected and such an encouragement. I doubt that person reads this blog, but my heart is so grateful and I just wanted to share how kind and generous people are. May we all do what we can to touch the life of another because it does make such a difference!

SaraSara M


9 responses to “Rambling”

  1. Susan Mires (@susanmires) says :

    Sara, thanks for sharing your great news. That is very exciting about the art program. I can’t wait to see what you can do now that you have a budget!

  2. Ian says :

    Sara, wonderful sharing such a great news. Fascinating to see how your generosity of giving your one day has led to another act of generosity in the form of money. God is so clever…

  3. Vera Isaac says :

    I love hearing how you closed your eyes while letting the chicken be shredded!

  4. Susan Hollaway says :

    Great tip! I don’t have a Kitchen Aid, but I do have another type stand mixer. What were your settings? Shredding chicken is tedious and it never comes out all even for me. I’d love to try that.

    We serve an awesome God! Amen? He took your generous gifts of time, work, creative gifts, and turned it into another blessing. I LOVE hearing testimonies like that.

    Ramble away, dear friend. We love hearing your ramblings.

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