Fresh Start – New Story

“So, what do you do with all your time?”

“I write.”

“Really?You write books? How many do  you have out?”

“Well, I don’t have any published, but I’m working on my third.”

“Your third and you don’t have any published? Why not?”

Why not? That’s a huge question that would take up several blogs and one each of us could answer in our own way! For me, the first book was my first and that should be enough explanation! My second has been put away for a while. It’s finished, but I need to change a few things. But the time came last fall for a change. With any creative endeavor, there is a point where you finally have to stop and put it away for a while.

A fresh start.

It’s a struggle for a writer to put away a project. We live with those characters playing in our minds for months and for many of us, years. After working on my second story, Autumn’s Grace, for almost three years, I was known to say, “Good grief, can’t they figure out their own problems? I’m tired of how they’re acting!” Definatly time to move on.

To start a new story is daunting. The idea of writing 90,000 words and not even knowing the first one is overwhelming. A fresh start might be exciting, but it isn’t easy. Often returning to the previous story sounds so much better!

This third story is a fresh start for me. My last two have been contemporary and this one is a historical from the 1920’s. I’ve been doing a lot of research in Abilene and have found some incredible gems of information to include. I’ve planned it out, found pictures of the clothes my characters wear, and know what their high points and their lowest moments will be. I know when the circus came to town and the price of silk stockings.

This fresh start has become quite enjoyable. Isn’t that how most fresh starts are? It’s hard to walk away from the present moment or project, but if we do, the freedom we have and the joy we find are refreshing and exciting.

I will come back to my second story–hopefully with new ideas that will make it stronger and an excitement for re-writing it one more time.

But right now, I’ve been given a fresh start in the form of a new story. It’s the Roaring ’20s and my heroine is independent and daring and a whole lot of fun!

Have a great weekend!

Sara Sara M


6 responses to “Fresh Start – New Story”

  1. julane hiebert says :

    Oh, Sara…you know how I identify. Unless one writes…they can never understand the grip our characters have on our lives, and how very, very difficult it is to stick them in a drawer, or file them away in a folder on our computers. But I do love meeting ‘new’ people, and it is fun to start putting all the pieces of the story puzzle together. And even more exciting to see what the final picture becomes. Who knew?!!! Only another writer would understand this ‘birthing’ process~~thanks for sharing.

  2. Jeanie Berg says :

    OK ladies, You really, really, really, make me want to read your books!!!! How about you just send me one to put in a folder in MY computer so I can read it and I’ll be the judge of if it’s any good or not!!!! 🙂

  3. Susan Mires (@susanmires) says :

    I’m with Jeanie – This fresh start is very promising! I’m looking forward to reading it when it’s ready to take wing.

  4. Ian says :

    Hey Sara, congrats on completing 2 novels. Amazing feat. Yes, as Julane highlights its is difficult for all authors to put their characters away for a season. But take heart, I put mine away for 5 years and it wasn’t so much their voices telling me to pull them out of the bottom drawer, but the Lord’s. It was a wonderful reminder for me that our stories are His and He invites us to write them. Which is quite an honour when you think about it. Also, helps having the Creator of the universe as our Executive Editor…

    Enjoy this new season of revelation as new characters birth in your imagination.

    • Sara Meisinger says :

      Thank you, Ian. What a wonderful reminder, “Our stories are his and He invites us to write them.” i think I need to frame that. And just like He gives us the stories, He also knows the plans for this journey. Blessings to you!

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