and it all started at the County Fair

Hero and Heroines
I am writing a book about living with through and beyond cancer. May I tell you about the Hero and Heroine of the story?

She was 13 and he 14 when they met. It was the most romantic of spots. All about bustled the business of the day and the sights and smells left no doubt as to the location. It was opening day at the County Fair. Her 4-H steer was in the stall next to his.
For two years he courted her, first on Sunday afternoons and by mail . . . the old fashioned kind, with paper and ink and a four cent stamp. Finally they were allowed to “double date” with his sister and her fiancé.
At seventeen, he graduated and joined the Air Force, giving her a diamond ring before he left.
At nineteen, she married him. He was her sweetheart and she, his. In North Dakota they skated and sledded in the wonderland winters. In Pittsburg they started a business, had babies, fought a little and loved a lot.
At sixty one the Doctor had bad news. Together, as always, they fought the battle.
He left her one night, when the battle was over; flew off with the angels, the pain finally gone.
She didn’t feel like the heroine, crushed, broken and alone. But he had given enough. His love still sustains her. On quiet nights she remembers the County Fair, and its sights and its smells . . .


7 responses to “and it all started at the County Fair”

  1. julane hiebert says :

    Kathy, I remember that hero and heroine…and they are still two of my favorite. You’ve failed to mention that the heroine has continued to bless, encourage and makes anyone who enters her door feel as welcome as the springtime. Disney has nothing on you!!

  2. Susan Mires (@susanmires) says :

    My favorite kind of romance story – True Love! I’m so glad to read your writing again. I’ve missed you!

  3. Sara Meisinger says :

    I think you’re hero/heroine beat any that we could put in our fiction stories. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Susan Hollaway says :

    That love story is absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Kathy, for sharing it with us. I feel privileged to have that glimpse into your “story.”

  5. Cherie Gagnon says :

    Too bad there wasn’t a “like” button on all those comments above.
    Beautiful story.

  6. Kathy Gronau says :

    thanks guys, you are such an encouragement to me

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