Me, craftsy?

When my daughter was little, I was a craft maniac.  I always had a project going and we loved it!  I definitely would have said I was craftsy.

I guess that season in my life has passed. We’re just so busy with other things, that I don’t do crafts anymore. In order to entice me, a project would have to be something that would help me be more organized and make my life simpler or more beautiful.  And if I don’t have to dust it very often, that would be beautiful.

Our blog theme this week made me look back and laugh at all the crafts I’ve attempted in my life. Some were a success and some—not so much. I remember sitting in ceramics class and hearing the ladies say, “Ceramics is like therapy to me.” Really?  All that detail work and cleaning green ware?  I had to stop going to ceramics before I needed therapy.

needle-and-thread-thThen there was cross-stitching. I used to really enjoy that. Then I made something for someone and they liked it so much, that they wanted me to make 150 more of them…for gifts.  Okay, so it was only 15.  But have you ever made fifteen of the same cross-stitch project? I don’t recommend it.

So I tried knitting. Perhaps I should take that back up when I’m more sedentary and have a lot less to do. Or maybe not. Knitting frustrates me.

Some brilliant mind created Pinterest. When I have time, it’s fun to browse through and look at what all these craftsy people have created. I sometimes get craft envy, but it usually doesn’t last very long.  However, I have found lots of things I’d love to add to my honey-do list. (Don’t tell my husband.)

I’ve definitely put crafting on the back burner. Maybe even in complete storage. Besides, I’m hearing the sounds of spring and I want to be outside more. In fact, as I’m writing this blog post, the male woodpecker is back again this year banging his head against the metal dreamstimefree_90514vent pipe on our roof.  The experts say they do that to attract female woodpeckers.  What a bird brain!  On second thought, maybe I’ll get online and see how to make a cage to set around that metal pipe, so Mr. Suave Woodpecker will stop “courting” on my roof early in the morning.  Hmmm. Where are my tools?

Happy Crafting!  Or not.  =)


Susan Hollaway



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5 responses to “Me, craftsy?”

  1. Cherie Gagnon says :

    Cute post, Susie! I did cross stitch too, but that sits in storage. I have two boys who are not interested in crafts at all. That’s what I missed out on by not having daughters. Sometimes my nieces visit and we might do a craft together, so I get my crafts fix every once in a while. Hope you figured out what to do about that silly woodpecker!

  2. Jeanie Berg says :

    Yea!!!!! A friend loaned me her laptop to use while our computer is onthe blink! So this is the first thing I’ve read here for a while! Must comment! I used to do so many crafts too…..years and years worth of crafts, the favorite of which was counted cross stitch…My house is full of beautiful things my daughters stitched for me. Now my fingers don’t want to cooperate anymore. Sad…….

    • Sara Meisinger says :

      Welcome back, Jeanie! I was starting to get worried about you because of the silence. So glad to know you’re fine even though your computer isn’t! I’m sure we’ve all missed hearing from you!

    • Cherie Gagnon says :

      Yes, Jeanie, it’s good to have you back 🙂

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