Spice up coffee

Mornin’! Like Kathy, a cup of coffee invigorates my morning. I really like her idea of opening a fresh jar every day.

My sister gave me a cookbook full of recipes that use coffee as an ingredient. Mostly drinks and desserts, I’ve tried some that are delicious. Some of the others sound…. interesting.

One tip is to add cinnamon when you brew a cup of coffee. Shake a little spice on top of the coffee grounds in the brew basket. It’s an easy – and calorie free! – way to add flavor to the morning brew.

Susie head shotTo make a mocha, put chocolate syrup in the carafe and let it mix as the coffee brews. One I haven’t tried but would like to is to put raspberry jam in the carafe.

Do you have a favorite coffee add-in or do you like it black?

~ Susan


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5 responses to “Spice up coffee”

  1. Sara Meisinger says :

    I prefer to add coffee to my flavored creamer!!

  2. Cherie Gagnon says :

    Well, Miss Susie, that sounds like a very interesting cookbook. You should make something from there in early May and share with your international friend 😉

    Haha, Sara! I’ve seen you do that!

  3. Susan Mires (@susanmires) says :

    Cherie, the way things are going, we may need to be drinking hot coffee to keep warm! Maybe Sara will share her creamer with us.

  4. Kathy Gronau says :

    What a great cookbook to have Susan! and yes I used an exclamation point!!!!! I am going to try the chocolate syrup one today. thanks for posting.

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