Daddy and the dog named Orphie

My dad was a wonderful man.  Everybody who knew him loved and respected him. When he died, it was one of the largest funeral’s I’d ever attended.  Today, on father’s day, I decided this story from my sister Karen would be more fun than going on and on about the great dad he was.  So enjoy.

Our dad was a quiet man.  When daddy laughed he always shook up and down and hardly ever made a sound.  I used to love to watch him laugh.

One time at Briana’s birthday probably her 3rd (1976) we had Mom and Dad up for supper and made ice cream. Since it was winter (February 22) we sat the ice cream freezer out on the front step to keep it frozen till dinner was over.  This was when we still had the original house before any remodeling and the porch was on the east side of the house.  Mom and Dad’s dog Orphie followed them up to our house and while we were eating supper, he had tipped over the ice cream freezer and had eaten all the ice cream – all 1 1/2 gallons.  When we went to get it after supper to have birthday cake and ice cream, there was Orphie with his head clear inside the canister licking up the finally drops on the bottom.  He got every last drop. His stomach was huge.

This dog Orphie was given to Mom and Dad by the Danner girls because it was a stray dog that had come to their house and they didn’t want it so the folks took it and named it Orphie because it was an orphan.    It had these curls on its head and did some really funny things. We – especially Dad – got a lot of laughs from that dog.

Blessings on Father’s Day.



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  1. Susan Mires says :

    Dogs and ice cream – two of my favorites!

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