Silly Socks

Coaches put Players before Pride.
By Kathy Gronau

Girard White and Gold five-pitch softball girls played their last game on Monday night. It wasn’t a normal, end of the season game however and because six coaches, one female, five males dared to be silly it was a night that became a sweet memory for these seven and eight year olds.

What would make six grown adults walk onto the field with highly decorated “silly” socks? Goals. As head coach Mike Gronau explained following the last game Monday night “We hope you learned three things this season: How to set goals; how to play as a team; and how to have fun doing it.” The coaches of the Girard white and gold softball team helped there players set and achieve goals all through the season, each with a reward attached to it.

For achieving their final goal coaches Mike Gronau, Anna Goble, Tom Brooks, Brad Buckley, Chuck Kunshek and Phillip Stevens sat on the bench in front of the giggling seven and eight year old girls for the “socking ceremony” in which they replaced there normal socks with the ones the players, with help from moms, had decorated for them.last game 1

Cheers and laughter filled the air as the girls and coaches took the field. Playing one of their best games all season they would come up one run short in the end. It was clear that they understood that wins and losses aren’t always measured by the final score
silly socks team


3 responses to “Silly Socks”

  1. Julane Hiebert says :

    Memories so much more important than final scores!! They will long forget the win or loss–but will never forget how fun their coaches were!! Yay for adults who understand it is a game!!

  2. Susan Mires says :

    I think your journalism career is off to a great start. And those girls are off to set more goals – on and off the field.

    • Kathy Gronau says :

      Thanks Susie! My first published article, even if it was in the bimonthly hometown news!

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