Abide-my word for 2013

I’ve dreaded this week’s topic.

Abide:  waiting patiently; enduring without yielding; accepting without objection; continuing in one place.

How I wish I could tell you that I have mastered the art of waiting patiently.

How wonderful if I could say “I have endured without yielding.

If only I could report that I’ve accepted without objection all that life has thrown at me in this first half of the year.

It takes me longer to type the word ‘patience’ than what I normally display of that fruit of the spirit.

My first response to ‘trouble’ is a very loud objection to the whole idea…thank you very much.

And as for enduring without yielding…well, another one just bit the dust.

I can, however, write with confidence that I have continued in one place…and that place is the full realization that to ‘abide’ is not just a word one decides to entertain for a year. It is a way of life that must be applied daily, moment by moment.

It is whispering ‘yes, Lord’, when I want to shout “NO, NO WAY”

It is remembering His plan is perfect when my plans crumble around me.

It is not only allowing His Word to light my path–but to allow that light to reveal the sticks and stones, the dips and swells, in my life that need to be cleared, then being quiet enough to hear Him say” Stay here awhile child, I’ll go first and clear the way.” Or “This is the way…walk ye in it.”

It is ‘staying put’ in Him.

This ‘abiding’ thing is not for wimps!

It is, rather, a word that implies without Him, I can do nothing.

Oh, may I continue to learn.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What aspect of abiding to you find the most difficult? The waiting patiently? Enduring without yielding? Accepting without objection? Perhaps we can walk this path together.


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5 responses to “Abide-my word for 2013”

  1. Susan Mires says :

    The hardest part for me would be accepting without objecting. But I like your description – “It is whispering ‘yes, Lord’, when I want to shout “NO, NO WAY.”

    • Julane Hiebert says :

      Susie, by nature I don’t whisper. I cry, shake my fist, and yell. But, I yearn to be a whisperer. Long to be!!

  2. Jeanie Berg says :

    You’ve got it exactly right for most of us!!

    • Julane Hiebert says :

      You, too? I look at others (probably a bad habit) and think “they have it so together, Lord. Why am I kicking and screaming?”

  3. Cherie Gagnon says :

    That was a very honest post and I enjoyed my own personal reflection while reading.

    Abide is such a great word, loaded with meaning.

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