Believing God

I recently took advantage of several  free book offers from one of my favorite non-fiction authors–Beth Moore.  Because I often choose books by their titles…Believing God, was the first one I opted to read.  And WOW!!  I’ve not completely finished it…there are days I’ve needed to pitch my tent on one of the concepts. Five statements…five…that have challenged, rebuked, broken my heart, encouraged and blessed beyond anything I would have ever expected.

In a nutshell:

1. God is Who He says He is

2. God can do what He says He can do

3. I am who God says I am

4. I can do all things through Christ

5. God’s word is alive and active in me.

At first glance, which one of these statements would you find the  most difficult to believe?  

I challenge you to read this book, and BELIEVE GOD!! 


road 2 we like!


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10 responses to “Believing God”

  1. agnon says :

    I downloaded this one, but I haven’t read it yet. Sounds good,

  2. julane Hiebert says :

    I hope you do read it. It has met so many of my needs after a tumultuous autumn and early winter. Blessings!! And thanks for responding!

  3. Susan Mires says :

    I just finished reading this and found it so encouraging. The first statement alone has helped my faith to grow.

  4. Jeanie Berg says :

    I love them all, but one that really grabs me is “I am who God says I am!” Wow! We tend to look down on ourselves so much…but we need to know and understand our identity in Christ. That changes everything!

    • julane Hiebert says :

      That was the one that really encouraged me, too, Jeanie. In the book she spells out exactly who we are. God says I am: chosen, blessed, adopted, favored, redeemed and forgiven. Isn’t that awesome?

  5. Ian says :

    Julane, this is a wonderful little post. It’s one of life’s great challenges for all of us, Christian and non-Christian. I’m only now beginning to really grab hold of the notion that I am madly loved by God.

    I’ve just finished a marvellous book by Elyse Fitzpatrick titled “Found in Him” that addresses the incantation and the significance of Jesus being one with us and what that truly means. It’s one of those books that needs time to breathe so I think is best read slowly while meditating on God’s promises.

    • julane Hiebert says :

      I love that statement, Ian–“It’s one of those books that needs time to breathe…” That’s how I found this study. I am normally a speed reader but this one just won’t allow that. I MUST stop and camp awhile. “Found in Him” also sounds good. I will try to find it. Thanks for responding.

  6. Sara Meisinger says :

    This is my favorite study I ever did of hers. Life changing, heart changing, mind changing. So glad you were so deeply touched by it. I thought I’d downloaded the book when you did but can’t find it. Maybe I sent it to my other kindle…

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