fire  I love winter for one reason.  My fireplace. It doesn’t matter what book is in my lap. Whatever it is, is made better by the  warmth of the nearby fire.  It doesn’t matter what task impatiently taps its finger in the other room, I just don’t hear is in over the crackles.  Nothing quite compares. Nestled in my rocking chair, the world finally is safely at bay.

It’s those times that I most often reach for my bible.  Most often that I win over the cares and tasks that lure me away from the precious words therein.

Thank you Lord, for knowing that I need this reprieve.  For providing it.

What an awesome God you are.


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2 responses to “Respite”

  1. Cherie Gagnon says :

    Thanks for sharing Kathy.

  2. Jeanie Berg says :

    I wish for a cozy crackling fire to read by. Doesn’t keep me from reading though!

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