To have a friend, or be a friend…What say ye?

We’ve all known at least one…or probably more.

Those who count every ‘follower’ on face book, and every ‘twit’ on their Twitter account, as a friend. My goodness, look at me!!  I have six trillion followers on Twitter and I’m only following one hundred. Or–I can’t believe you only have two hundred friends on face book.  Why I have….

I understand this whole social networking thing. And I’m guilty of having friends on my face book that I wouldn’t necessarily recognize in person.  And I recently opened a Twitter account…which is interesting in itself.  And yes, I’m guilty of spending far too much time checking both.

We are celebrating friendships this week on this blog…this week before Valentine’s Day. That day when suddenly the whole idea of friends takes on a different meaning. Now the focus changes from many, to ‘special’, and the pressure begins. I can’t help but think of those who suddenly become invisible…no ‘to my beloved wife’ card…no ‘to my dear husband’…or ‘sweetheart’…or ‘significant other’…not even a ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ and saddest of all–no ‘to my special friend’. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. And the only thing you have to look forward to is the chocolate that goes on sale February 15.

But friendship, true friendship, that  ‘I would give my kidney’ or ‘I’d sell the farm  for you’ kind of friendship doesn’t need a holiday.  It’s everyday. It’s sitting by bedsides, rejoicing, weeping, taking, giving. It weathers storms of hurt feelings, misunderstandings, jealousy. It fills cupboards when it might leave yours bare. It’s believing, and supporting, and cheering for causes that are not necessarily your own, but it will benefit them. It’s giving even if you never get anything in return. It’s remembering the good times, and forgiving the bad. It’s…”no greater love than this…that a man lay down his life…

There are all kind of little ‘signs’ that say  “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.”

But I have a sign that a true friend gave me that says (and you may have to click on the pic to actually see it)


The truth is–Friends ARE family.  I’m so very, very grateful for those people in my  life that are my ‘indeed’ friends.   My ‘say ye’, ‘hear ye’ friends.  My silly, maddening, too much fun, too little time together, ’til we die’ kind of friends. Those friends who give advice like a mom, or make rules they insist I follow–like a dad. Those who argue and nose into my business like younger siblings. Those who have held up my arms when I was too weak to do it myself. Those who loved me when I was everything but lovable. Those who believe in me, even when nothing is happening for them to believe.

But there are many, many, many people are out there who dread the family/lover-centered holidays for reasons they’ve had no voice choosing.

But you and I DO have a voice and we can choose.

MY CHALLENGE:  BEcome in the family way!! BE a friend.   🙂 

Lest you think I’m against romance…let me assure you I am  not!

 My hubby is the most romantic of all–the last Valentine’s gift I received from him was a cast iron skillet that took three hearty  men to lift, complete with the lid that utilized a crane to maneuver.  “For camping,” he said.  “Good ‘ole country, outdoor cooking,” he said.

“Ummm–sweetheart, I love you, but we never go camping,” I said.

road 2 we like!


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2 responses to “To have a friend, or be a friend…What say ye?”

  1. Susan Mires says :

    Now that is one inspirational quote that I can endorse! So true – to have friends is to be blessed.

  2. Cherie Gagnon says :

    Your little story at the end made me laugh! Very cute.

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