Bored or Board Games?

Our family gets together quite often. I enjoy the food and visiting. If I can, I like to sit with one person for awhile and really connect.

On a holiday, I prefer an early dinner followed by a walk before dessert. It’s a good break and a nice chance for quality conversation. But in this long, cold winter the walks have been out of the question. So board games have come out of their boxes.

Truthfully, I’m the last to join in a board game. I find learning all the rules tiring. Then we discover one person abides by a set of ‘house rules’ while another sticks to the book. Just when you think you’ve got the game, suddenly there are all these exceptions. And, while everyone is concentrating on strategy, no one wants to talk about what’s going on in their lives.

Yesterday, however, I gave in. My sister was visiting from out of town. She loves games and, admittedly, she is the livelier one between us. She and my husband convinced me to finally learn a game the rest of the family has been playing for a while…The Settlers of Catan.

Susan and Grant ran down the rules of the games. I wasn’t sure if I got it all, but I was ready to play anyways. I was prepared for an embarrassing loss. At least now I could say I knew how to play, and just perhaps I might jump in a game at the next family gathering.

Well, it might have been beginner’s luck or the excellent instructions that they gave me, but I ended up winning twice! I’m thinking about retiring on a high note.


Poor Susan…she likes to win.

Cherie Gagnon– Cherie

What about you? Do you like board games?


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9 responses to “Bored or Board Games?”

  1. Ian says :

    Cherie, I enjoy the simple board games (eg, Life, Monopoly) that don’t require too much brain power. I guess I’m a bit lazy in that I want games to be more fun than taxing the brain. Fi’s a really good card player and whenever her family are over, out come the cards. But I politely decline as they’re all extremely competitive and really good.

  2. suzinjain says :

    I can never be called a sore loser now that I have given permission for my shame to be made so public…photographic evidence of my disappoitment and all!!!

    I’m glad to have another player in the Settlers camp. 🙂

  3. Susan Mires says :

    My family plays a lot of board games and it can be fun, but sometimes I get bored with it. I have heard Catan is fun.

  4. Jane K. says :

    Way to go Cherie. Big sister rules! Learned a new game with friends in Florida called Pegs & Jokers. A new rendition on Sorry. It was fun. I remember your Grandpa Post loving board games & never letting us win. It can be humbling for those of us who have a competitive side.

  5. Cherie Gagnon says :

    Yes, I remember that side of Grandpa very well 🙂

  6. pagesfromstages says :

    My favorite memory of a board game is playing Chinese checkers with my grandpa Manning. We don’t play a lot of board games…but several of the family do play Rook and Pitch and other card games. I would much rather sit and visit!!

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