A house divided?

One of the hardest things to do, as a grandparent, is decide which activity to attend when your grandchildren are in two different school systems, 1.5 hours apart. While the parents, and also the grands, are very understanding that we can’t possibly make them all–and forgiving when we choose one over the other–it is still a very, very difficult decision.

This week in Kansas, State basketball tournaments are being held. Today all the boys’ teams will play in the 3A class…in Hutchinson…which is over two hours away.  This won’t be such a difficult decision as only one of the grands’ teams will be playing…Hesston Swathers.  We’ve watched them all year and they are very good. While they have no clue who we are–we have learned to recognize names and faces.  We hope they win!!

Hesston Swathers

Tomorrow, all the girls teams in 3A will play, same location.  But because both Council Grove and Hesston are playing, it makes it a bit more difficult–although tomorrow they will not play one another so we can cheer for both!!

Hesston lady swathers

The two previous pictures are the Hesston Swathers, and Hesston Lady Swathers.

Below is a picture of our local Council Grove Lady Braves.

cg lady braves

We are not actually a house divided. Our hearts are with each participant on these teams and we will cheer for all. Regardless the outcome–there are no losers.

road 2 we like!


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7 responses to “A house divided?”

  1. Jeanie Berg says :

    Basketball, basketball! Such a busy life. We love basketball. At this point we have no grandchildren playing on a team so we are free to cheer on whichever team we choose!! MAYBE we’ll choose your teams!! We go to church in Hesston so we have a connection there! Good luck to all!

  2. Jeanie Berg says :

    Looking at those pictures closer I tried to figure out which ones belonged to Rob…..Couldn’t tell! Would you point them out to me?

    • pagesfromstages says :

      Rob’s daughter, Kirsten, played JV this year at Hesston, thus we traveled to her games. However, she’s not in the pictures–we still go so we can give hugs!! In fact–we don’t actually have anyone in high school playing in the tournaments…but when you’ve gone to so many games you get ‘hooked’!!

  3. Susan Mires says :

    I think the real winner here is Grandma!

    • pagesfromstages says :

      I AM the winner, Susie. Not only do I get to spend a whole, uninterrupted day with hubby, not having to cook nor feeling the least big guilty for just ‘sitting’, but I also get hugs from the grands! AND today—an extra bonus–we are picking up our Hesston daughter-in-law and she will spend the day with me–family will join us later. I love having extra time with my DILs.

  4. Cherie Gagnon says :

    Looks like a lot of fun to me either way!

    • pagesfromstages says :

      It is fun, Cherie. Yesterday, between four VERY close games, Wren let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she did NOT like her scene in chapter 10, thank you very much. She’ll just have to wait for me to change it, however. Won’t hurt her to ponder it a bit, and maybe she’ll change her mind. 🙂

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