The Noise of Silence

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You’ve been there!

The day  is over. The only sound you hear is the clock ticking. You’re bone weary  and you can’t keep your eyes open because you were up late the night before.

Nothing scheduled tomorrow.


Then your head hits the pillow.

And instead of blessed quietness…

You can’t remember if you turned the coffee pot off–or locked the door.

What did your hubby mean when he said the new recipe was “okay’?

Why didn’t ______answer your text? Did you say something wrong…again?

You really shouldn’t have volunteered to______.  You don’t even like to__________.

Will you ever learn to say ‘no’?

What will you have for supper tomorrow night? Are you sure you have all the ingredients?

Oh, shoot! There is something scheduled tomorrow. You signed up to take a meal to______. Was there a list of special dietary needs with the sign-up sheet?

Hubby needs white shirt for tomorrow. Does it need pressing?

And on, and on, and on it goes.

If only one could ‘mute’ the noise that invades the silence of our lives.

I’m on a real kick here!!  BE STILL!  Is  much easier said than done.

Anyone identify?




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3 responses to “The Noise of Silence”

  1. sara meisinger says :

    Been there, night after night!! Thanks for making me smile, knowing I’m not the only one. They day might have flown by, but nights like you describe hardly pass!

  2. Cherie Gagnon says :

    I identify with this post so well! I used to keep a pen and paper by the bed so I could write things down that I needed to remember to do the next day. Should probably get back into that habit.

    It’s also the unanswered texts, messages, voice mails that sometimes leave me to worry.

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