Changes and Traditions

This summer brought a huge change to my family. My brother and sister-in-law moved to Alaska. Two years ago, when David mentioned the idea to me, I asked him (okay, TOLD him) to never mention that awful idea again. My family isn’t one for big changes. We’ve always lived with a 45 minute radius from my parents. We don’t make major changes.

photo 1[1]

I’m not sure how many times they packed and repacked this trailer. My SIL should get an award or better yet, a reward for this!

Since that conversation so many things happened and doors were thrown wide open. They walked through those doors and at the end of July, with pretty much everything they were taking packed into a trailer. I hated to see them go. Just the thought that they aren’t nearby brings tears.

Growing up, I’d have paid for the ticket to send my brother to Alaska! We fought hard most of the time. But with age and leaving home, we found a really great friendship. Over the years we discovered we had quite a bit in common. It was a treat for my boys when Uncle David came to go hunting with them and a treat for me when he’d come in after hunting and sit at the island to talk and eat whatever dessert I had made.

I still don’t like that they moved, but since the moment he told me they were going, I’ve been able to say that I’m so excited and proud of them for following their dream. Who amongst us doesn’t have a dream and wish we had the nerve to follow it? They can always come home, but to get into their sixties and wish they had taken the chance, just seems sad. So they left, they are now living in Alaska, and they are loving it.

photo 2[1]

Dry curd cottage cheese wrapped in a bread dough pocket and deep fat fried.

Before they left we all got together for our most traditional meal. Verinika. I’m not even sure I got the spelling right! This is a German dish that we only had when my dad was traveling. Everyone makes theirs different. Some cooks boil and brown on a griddle and served with a ham gravy. Ours are deep fat fried with whole cream poured over the top. Delicious! Growing up the challenge was to see who could eat the most and still walk away from the table. We did not try that this time but we did make a pretty good dent in the dish.

All that's left

All that’s left

Even our plates were the same we used growing up.

Perfect plates because the cream runs to the center and is easier to scoop up.

Perfect plates because the cream runs to the center and is easier to scoop up.

So, we sent them off well. One last meal together, a hug, and a see ya later. And believe me, my boys are counting on the ‘see ya later’ part! They can’t wait until we can go visit Alaska.



4 responses to “Changes and Traditions”

  1. Susan Mires says :

    Wow! What an adventure. It was neat how you pointed out they can always move back, but in later years will regret if they don’t try it. Makes me think about taking more big adventures!

  2. Jeanie Berg says :

    Sad for you. I know how things can change over the years. My only brother and I used to fight horribly when we were young. My other two sisters could manage him, but I was the youngest and apparently could not handle the teasing. I got so mad at him that I hated him!! 😦 Time changed all that and for a while he was even my pastor! I loved it! Now we two are the ones who live nearest each other and so often get together. When all four of us siblings are in our seventies it makes any time spent together pretty special. So just make sure you keep in touch over the miles!

  3. Cherie Gagnon says :

    I didn’t get a chance to meet your brother when I was in Kansas but I did get acquainted with that Verinika! Yum!

    Hope they have a wonderful adventure and that you get to visit them at some point.

  4. Deborah Raney says :

    I remember when my brother moved to Colorado. So sad. But they moved back. Now I live just a few minutes from him. Times change and we can’t do much about it, but you’re right to celebrate with things you both remember…and to dream about taking that trip with your boys!

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