Saying goodbye is hard!

I don’t like saying goodbye. I’ve always dreaded farewell parties. And while our children and grandchildren live close enough to visit often, I still get a lump in my throat when they drive away. When we lived at Windsong Ranch I would give them all hugs and kisses at the back drive as they loaded into their vans, then hurry to the big kitchen window that faced the road so I could wave to them one more time as they drove past. I still stand on the porch and wait for them to make the curve out of our drive and head to their individual homes…they roll down the windows and we all holler, “goodbye’ I love you.”

We five ladies are as diverse as can be. Thus the ‘stages’ part of the name. At first our commonality was our individual writing journeys–the ‘pages’, if you will. Yet, our diversity became the binding of those stories into a picture book of life. Singles, widows, mothers of special-needs, homeschool mom who now teaches in a Christian school, and grandmothers, freelance writer, cancer survivor, farm wife, advocate for families with special needs, and retiree. We soon realized that though we might approach any given subject from completely opposing views–our hearts were one. That won’t change. We won’t let it change. But once again, our differing stages have created different pages, and as writers that’s exactly something we strive to create…pages that keep turning to reveal an ever deepening story.

We are grateful for every comment made and every page view received. Some of you have become regular encouragers and are very dear to our hearts. We looked forward to your comments, and worried about you if we didn’t see your names. Thank you for being so faithful. It was a gift!

While we will no longer post on this blog, past postings can still be read in the archives. And we hope that you will continue to follow us on our individual web sites. We are still each on a journey, and would love to have you travel with us.

For now, I’m waving and calling

“Goodbye!  I love you!”


road 2 we like!


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9 responses to “Saying goodbye is hard!”

  1. Cherie Gagnon says :

    I’ve enjoyed these past couple of years. What a great run it was. Thankful for your friendship.

    • julane hiebert says :

      It has been fun, Cherie. I look forward to what God has for each of us and we WILL stay in touch. Praying we will see you in April!!

  2. Vera says :

    I will miss reading about your journeys through life.

    • julane hiebert says :

      We will still be available!! I have a new blog and next Monday Susie will give you the links for reach of us!! Please keep following us!! We just won’t all be in one place so the journey will be even more exciting!! 🙂

  3. Susan Mires says :

    This almost made me tear up! It has been great to journey together.

  4. Jeanie Berg says :

    So sad to see this come to an end. I just want to make sure I can stay connected to you through your new blogs. You all feel like a precious friend to me!

    • Susan Mires says :

      Jeanie, I feel the same way about you! It has been a delight to get to know each other.

    • julane hiebert says :

      Jeanie, you are a very precious friend to each of us. We so very much appreciated your encouragement and faithfulness to our blog, and to our lives. You can’t get rid of us!!

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